Friday, October 31, 2014

Jesus and Halloween

Well, today is Halloween, and even as I write this I'm waiting for all the junior witches, soldiers, and ninja turtles to show up at my front door for their annual candy bribes.

And as usual, the debate among Christians ensues:  Should we or should we not participate.


Or put another way, WJGOC (Would Jesus Give Out Candy?)

I don't know.  But here's what I think.

Jesus loved people, and that is beyond dispute. And some people consider children people, so I'm betting He loves children too.

Jesus created everything, and that includes fun.  Jesus created fun.

Jesus created humor.  Jesus created laughter.

Jesus created sugar, and that includes candy.

The Apostle Paul wrote that God provides us with everything to enjoy (1 Timothy 6:17).

So if He could make life more enjoyable for children by laughing with them and giving them candy, I'm betting He would.  I bet He would get a big kick out of some of the costumes.

I bet He would probably enjoy some aspects of Halloween, in spite of some of the less honorable ways that some people choose to celebrate it.

I can picture Him remarking about the cuter children, and yes, I can imagine Him taking a moment to provide a glimpse of the future that can be theirs through faith in Him.

And I can totally picture Him sneaking a Snickers now and then.

For a more entertaining and informational video on All Hallow's Eve, check out this video.